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Register and purchase the best gear and take advantage of coupons to minimize the price of the item

Most people today tend to e-shop instead of normal shopping in the local markets and malls, for several reasons, most notably the low price of products on electronic markets. In addition, electronic stores offer full access to all the specifications of the product or product that he wishes to buy. But the prices and quality of the products offered vary from one electronic store to another, so I chose to offer you the gearbest shop.

Site Features:

- Does not require US shipping box as in Amazon
- Product prices are cheap and reasonable
- There are many cuts and coupons on the site
- Several products can be purchased and will be delivered at the same time.

First Method of Registration:

Registration on the site is very simple and not complicated, just enter the link from here and register a new account and then fill in the data form and then confirm your email and then you can log in to your personal account on the site and start filling in the data on your personal page on the site (do not forget to add Mobile number + shipping address) and you can add them later.

Second way to buy from a gearbest shop:

After confirmation of the registration you can start the process of purchase from the site as follows:

1.     Enter the link of the item you would like to buy:

When you enter the item page you will find all the information about the item (specifications, pictures, shipping methods, price of the item, shipping cost, etc.). To buy the item just click on the "to start the purchase"

You can add more than one item to the shopping basket in the same way.

2.      Log in to cart:

After selecting the item or goods you would like to buy, click on the shopping basket icon as picture


You are now in the first stage, you can delete any commodity from the shopping basket and you can enter the discount coupon and click Apply to lower the price of the item.
After you've finished, choose your payment method by clicking Proceed to checkout to pay by credit card
checK out with PAYPAL.

3. Enter shipping address:

You are now in the second stage, you are presented with a form to include the shipping address, fill in the information of the person you wish to ship the item to as in the picture and then click place your order

4. Choose method and duration of shipment:

Then choose the length you wish to ship the item (the shorter the time the higher the shipping price) Note the picture:

 5. Use points to reduce the price of the item:

The site allows you to earn many points in several ways and use them in several things, where you can use some of your points here on the site to reduce the total price of the commodity as the picture ..

Before using points:

After using the points :

 6- Choose Payment Method:

Now choose the payment method that suits you, where the site offers several methods including PayPal, Visa Card and Mastercard:

7. Write a message to print on the product envelope:

This option allows you to write a message (such as a birthday present, graduation gift ...) to the person who will receive the parcel. This message will be printed on the cover of the item, of course it can be left blank and then click Place Your Order to move to the payment process:

 8- payment process:

Enter your payment details and continue with the action by clicking Continue:

9. Review application data:

Now you have your order data (item information + price + quantity + shipping address + process number ... etc) after you confirm all of this choose Place Your Order to confirm your order:

10  . The final stage - completion of the process:

Now you see this message stating that the order has been completed and your item will be shipped to you as soon as possible.


The process number shown in the image is very important as you can track the shipping process through this section and find out the path of the next item to you.