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Do You know That You Can make MONEY Just by listening to music?


Do you know that you can make money just by listening to music?

 I also didn't know before. Seriously, I had my doubts ..

Certainly, there are plenty of platforms that pay you to just listen to music….

Yes, it's true!

I quote among others ,, (not Accessible everywhere in the world), X-Ray music ... 

But the one who is at the top now, is none other than SPOTIFY

Yes, what seems like a passion can turn into a source of Money for you !!

Yes up to 200 dollars an hour !!. I'll show you how.:

Log on to and choose playlist curators. But BEWARE !!!! Don't choose the number of followers now, Because you don't have any at the moment.

What will I do?

sign up for a Spotify account 

Create your playlist: give your playlist a name, then simply go Add songs to your playlist.

After, You will need followers (1000).  

Where will I find them?

 don't panic, it's very simple.

 You can have the link to your playlist on your Spotify page.

 This link you can share it wherever you can:

( On your blog as I'm going to do, On Youtube as a comment in my next video, in support groups of Spotify followers on social networks (FB, Twitter, Telegram...).


That way you will have your 1000 Spotify followers required by… ..


 I'll put the link to my playlist below. you just have to follow and i will follow you back. (Honestly, it's free).

(There is a part in your spotify page where it says “Followers”. You open it and you will have a list of people who have subscribed to your playlist, subscribe in turn).

The link to an account looks like this: (Thanks for follow, like)

Thanks to Follow my playlist here: (follow (click on Heart as shown in picture below), like, listen at least 40 seconds)    

I Will do the Same in return. .