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Hi guys!

today i am going to tell you about a so far honest site. is a site for accomplishing small tasks (low coast) but which can be interesting for beginners (up to $ 30 per day).

We start by registering as for all sites.

we fill in the true information such as the name, the e-mail (will be used for verification), a password, we carry out the requested captcha then we click on submit !!!

we move on to the available tasks.

 either you choose the international or only your country ...

we choose the mission and we follow the steps to be executed. and that's all!

Congratulations you have just collected cash.

you can check your earnings after a delay and do not forget to mention your registration email, your Paypal email and your IP in a message via the site to the site administrator.

the minimum payment via paypal is 8 dollars.That'All for today

 Thank you !!!