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Explain how to register at NETELLER and get a MasterCard and how to ship it with money
Neteller Is a British bank, is one of the best electronic banks at all to impose strict security restrictions and every suspicious attempt to close the account temporarily until the contact of the account holder personally by telephone, you can use and enjoy high services
NETELLER is a financial institution that started in 1999 in the UK and is one of the most secure and reputable institutions in the world and deals with more than 160 countries. Today, the team « Earn Money with us » provides a comprehensive file explaining how to register at NETELLER and get a MasterCard and how to ship it with money, so follow us now.

Explain how to register at NETELLER and get a MasterCard and how to ship it with money
For Registration : Press here:

You will then receive a new page to fill out your personal information. Put your personal information and address correctly and you will receive the card.
After registering you can log in directly to the website through your registered email and password

Bank is easy to deal and does not need to explain many important to know the methods of filing and ways to withdraw from it, Bank Neteller safe global bank and many people have become dependent on it in their financial transactions.

Neteller and Handle:
As for Neteller Bank, the process of registration and activation of your account is easy and receiving and sending money does not require activation of the account and it allows you to 5 bank cards to be free as you use, but this feature requires that your account is also activated for the request to receive the card Card for you via mail) requires activation of the account. As for the process of activating the account, Neteller Bank very fast fact all you have to do is to send a complete picture of the national identification card or passport to the bank through the activation window and make sure that he will answer you in just hours you have to send a clear copy of them so as to avoid rejection and emails The many.
Neteller and receipt of funds:
With regard to receiving and sending money, the Neteller Bank allows you in many ways, such as Ucash or direct delivery through shipping from another card as well as bank transfers, and to respond to your account with a bank transfer enter the Money In section to choose the bank transfer will provide you with the necessary information when you send and you To provide the bank (from which the money will be sent). After that, the process will be added to the History section and will remain under Pending until the transfer is successfully completed knowing it takes approximately 3 days.
Features of Bank Neteller:
Get a MasterCard card for only $ 13
Free shopping and shopping services
Small commissions when shipping and sending
 Netteler Other features:
You can also earn some of the dollars to add to your bank account either through the Affiliate program through which you get your link to register and anyone who records your way and makes bank transfers win from behind, here too the call system means you call someone by sending an email And when he makes bank transfers also makes money with the knowledge of the name of the VIP service means only important people.
Here, too, the "profit points" service after registration, and every bank transfer process in your account win points and when you collect a large number of points you can transfer them to electronic money.
Many ways to ship or withdraw from the bank
1-  Cash Yu:
What is Cash you?
CashU started out in July 2002. The cashU card was born as a result of a referendum showing that only 13% of Internet users really wanted to use their credit cards to buy online. There was a clear need to find a way to pay over the Internet, preventing theft and reducing concerns about the security of purchasing operations; CashU was born.
CashU card is a prepaid card with a cashU account number and password. The account holder can use the card to purchase goods and services from anywhere on the Internet safely and without any concern. CashU's development has given the region an idea of ​​an e-commerce solution; it has reduced the risk of online purchasing, and has allowed
For greater, faster and more secure user participation in e-commerce through a payment platform built on the most complex and recent systems to prevent any theft.
2-.  Ukash:
U-Cash is a card that you can buy in all countries via OneCard and the U Cash feature. The minimum deposit of $ 5 is very nice.
3-  Master Card:
An e-card you can buy online is also a good option because you can order a free MasterCard card.

And you can draw on a bank account or ask for their mastercard and this is the best idea is not free! It is very useful and can be withdrawn from any ATM machine.
Deposit expenses:
§ Deposit by CashU 1.75% Expenses
§ Deposit by U Cash 1.00% expenses
§ Master Card expenses
§ Shipping by cash machine 6 $ Expenses
§ Change the currency from the dollar to the local currency 2.95% expenses
§ Change the card or password