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Payeer, a bank like the other popular banks :  Paypal and Payza, each with its own characteristics and features in terms of its services to every user, whether business or private. Payeer has much more to do with any new features, features and options that make you free in all financial transactions. So if you want to be free from all the restrictions imposed by some electronic banks, whether in the field of financial transactions, or in the field of currency conversion is the full explanation of Payeer Bank, and we will explain how to get Payeer Card.

Payeer's explanation and getting a Bayer card Banking:
This topic, which will address Payeer's explanation and obtain the Bayer banking card, is divided into:
Explanation of registration in the site.
Explain the interface of the site.
Explain the transfer of funds to Payeer Bank.
Explanation of currency conversion in Payeer Bank.
Explain your Payeer banking card to your home.

Explain the registration on the site:    click here

After entering the site you can start creating a Payeer account directly by clicking Sing UP or Create A Free Wallet.

Then enter your email and make sure it is 100% correct, then type the verification code, confirm the agreement and click on Sing UP.

 Immediately enter the password (must be composed of capital letters and small numbers).
Enter the secret code of your choice.
The alias.
Click Next.

After pressing Next, you will enter the User Control Panel bug and what is in the yellow window is your account information. Copy it and keep it because you will need it if you forgot the password or ...
Explain the interface of the site :

The user interface on the site as the picture ;
The vertical menu lists all the services provided by the site.
Add any money in your account either by bank card, BTC or any other source.
Send and send money to anyone you want.
Exchange around currencies in the currency you want, even electronic currencies can be converted into currencies such as Euro and USD known currencies.
Support If you encounter any problem you can contact the site's specialists.
History A list of all transactions and all transactions you have made from the beginning of the account.
Horizontal menu:
Activities : All the activities you have done on the site.
My Card From this list you can order a Payeer card.
Merchant You can link your store to Payeer.
Referals and link referral invitation : to invite your friends to register under you to earn on each transfer to Bank Bayer 10% on each transfer.
Mass Payments If you have an E-commerce site you can link your payments to your Payeer.
Explain the transfer of funds to Payeer Bank.

Money can be transferred to Payeer via more than 150 conversions provided by the site, write the value and select the currency either USD, EURO, RUB or BTC.

You can switch to the bank as you want money across as many banks as the picture.
After you choose the bank or how you will deposit in the bank, just confirm the transfer by following the steps.
Payeer's explanation and getting a Bayer card Banking:
Explanation of currency conversion in Payeer Bank.
Now how do you convert any currency to the currency you want or convert Bitquin to dollars or vice versa, or to other currencies, in other words any currency you can convert in Payeer.

Now that you click Exchange you can convert the currency to write in the "Give" box the value you want to convert and directly below the conversion from any bank or currency.
In the Get box, select the currency you want to convert to what you specified in ‘Give’

What you see in the picture is the basic currency conversion in Payeer Bank. If you want to convert BTC into dollars, you can choose one of the offered offers and click on what suits you.
This means that you will buy dollars for the configuration of a Payeer user and Payeer is the intermediary between you and all the dollars you will be paid to your Payeer account.

After choosing what you want to convert, you can follow the steps by paying the specified value by clicking on Pay Request, followed by the Confirmation Transfer page, and you must have the Betquin in your Payeer account.
Payeer's explanation and getting a Bayer card Banking:
Explain your Payeer banking card to your home.
Now we'll show you how to get your MasterCard Platinum Payza card

What you need to do is click on My Cards and Add Cards to move on to the next step

As the picture is the shape of the card, you must fill out all the required information and be correct and also the address where you will receive the card. If you choose the currency of the card either USD or EURO and here the site you can get a dollar and other card in euros.

After filling out all your data and address data, the card will be sent to you. You will be charged for a fee of $ 9.95 in case of regular shipping via AirMail. The time you receive is between 10 and 30 days, or you can choose shipping Via DHL and you will receive it within a maximum of 5 days, but the fees are a little high. Pray for $ 45, and you can pay these fees through many payment methods as you see in the picture below the amount requested.

After filling out all the data and choosing the means of payment of the card fees, the role of confirmation of the order will come and make sure all the information you entered is correct.
Payeer's explanation and getting a ayer card Banking:
Card Features:
The card is universal and you can use it for regular transfers in your country. As if you are dealing with an ordinary bank in your country, the card you can do with your PayPal account can be purchased online, and you can also withdraw your money from your country.
I think we have addressed everything that matters to Payeer. If we have overlooked anything, you can email us through the official Facebook page where you will receive your inquiries and questions and we will respond to anything that may be a hindrance to Payeer.